We try to provide all kind of support and facilities to our kids during their JEE preparation phase. All parents want their kids not to find any difficulty during this period and they put their best to support their kids in all respect. This post is for the parents whose kids are preparing for JEE. Following are few points listed on “what to do and what not to” which the parents should keep in mind.

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  1. Don’t facilitate separate room to a single kid, they generally sleep with loneliness.
  2. Don’t unnecessarily provide 24×7 internet, they generally misuse it. Have an internet connection and allow them to use whenever it is required only.
  3. Ask your kid to attend school everyday. This helps your kid to be social. Class room learning is the best practice to learn new things where students get opportunity to discuss with friends and teachers.
  4. You can send him/her for Coaching classes. But take care that the coaching classes should not kill all the free time of your kid.
  5. Talk to the teachers on regular basis and try to understand what’s going on with your kid
  6. Don’t put exam pressure on him/her.
  7. Don’t show high expectation and don’t build pressure on him/her.
  8. Talk to your kid everyday.
  9. Take your kid on short drive and spend time with him/her on weekends.
  10. Ask your kid to have exercise, yoga and some outdoor game on daily basis.
  11. Ask him/her to follow a healthy routine life everyday.
  12. Healthy food everyday. With weak body and mind it would be difficult to have good study.
  13. Don’t quarrel in front of your kid.
  14. Make your kid feel that you will be there with him/her, no matter what would be the result.
  15. Speak sweet to your kid. Tell inspiring stories and biographies every day to him/her.

If your kid is preparing for JEE, then you should know “What Should be the Ideal Routine for a JEE Aspirant“.

Hope you find these suggestions helpful. Any reader wants to float any other suggestion, can do it in the comment section.

Things you should take care for your kid preparing for JEE

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