India has many reputed Engineering Colleges which produce thousands of efficient engineers every year. We all know these institutes for their quality study environment, highly qualified faculty members, world class infrastructure etc. But what we don’t know, are few extra ordinary facts about few of them. 12 such facts are listed here:

1. College of Engineering Guindy (CEG) [Oldest engineering college having oldest Building]

Old Building of CEG (Source)

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CEG was established in May of 1794, as a School of Survey with one student in a building near Fort St. George. Founded by Michael Topping, the school became the Civil Engineering School in 1858. Subsequently, CEG was established as a college in 1859 under the Madras University. It became College of Engineering in 1861 with the inclusion of the Mechanical Engineering course [Source].

2. IIT Kharagpur [Largest area Campus]

Google Earth top view image of IIT Kharagpur (Source)

The 8.5 square kilometres (2,100 acres) IIT Kharagpur campus is residence to about 22,000 inhabitants. In 2015, IIT Kharagpur had about 605 faculty members, 1,933 employees and approximately 10,010 students living on the campus. The campus has a total of 55 kilometres (34 miles) of roadways [Source].

3. NIT Surathkal [Private Sea Beach]

NIT Surathkal Private Sea Beach (Source)

NITK is having a private Beach at the shores of Arabian Sea with a light house adjoining to it. Students and staff spent pretty happy moments here and apprize the beauty of Sunset every day [Source].

4. IIT Kanpur [First helicopter service in an Indian college]

Helicopter Service @ IIT Kanpur (Source)

IIT Kanpur is the first institute to offer helicopter services from Lucknow Airport to IIT Kanpur airfield (inside the campus). The helicopter service was inaugurated on May 30, 2013 to launch the services of Pawan Hans helicopter. If you would like to avail the facility please get in touch with SPO, since the helicopter service is subject to availability of chopper. The estimated charges are Rs. 6000 per person [Source].

List of Engineering Colleges in India with some Extra-Ordinary Facts

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