Although the kind of world we are living in today call us an Engineer in true sense only if we have a certified stamped degree that really proves it and that too if it is from some reputed institute like IIT’s, NIT’s or Foreign school of Science then it add some more stars to it, but do you really think, that makes us an Engineer in true sense or the compatible fit in the industry.

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein

There are some of the college dropouts who turned into billionaires and productive Engineers to world. One such name that makes me immensely pleasured to add is of Albert Einstein who left his high school because he didn’t believe in memorization of figures and he ended up with job of an assistant examiner at Patent office. But these bars didn’t stop him from doing what he wished to. He soon emerged out to be famous Scientist who contributed to Science and gave us special theory of relativity and Mass-Energy Equivalence which further gave a completely different direction to Science to evolve into. He was also awarded Nobel Prize for his contribution in the field of Science.

One more such example of an Engineer who left his college in between, just after two years of his admission to graduation and started his own company Microsoft is Bill Gates. He completely revolutionized the field of Computer Programming. His efforts gave us the entirely different Operating system “Windows” which became so popular that today he is among the top billionaire of America. He received his degree from his alma mater after 30 years since he left college. There are many more names in the list like Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs who left their education in middle because they dint believe in degrees or certificates to prove themselves as an Engineer.

It is the talent in you and your effort to make productive contribution to Science and Engineering, doesn’t matter how small or big it is but it is to bring about a change. A person who is working as a car mechanic in garage develops his own model of car by using some spare parts is also an Engineer. It is just that we all have made up our minds in following the trend and we have fear to stand out of the league which stops us from trying new things and we just end up being follower. To be trend setter and not a follower, follow your heart and try whatever you really wish to do. This does not mean that education is not a mandate, but considering it mandate and not doing what our heart says and just following what is being taught in institute is stopping us from doing what we really can. If you are studying in any Engineering college or working as an Engineer then just open up the horizon of your mind and think Engineering on a broader perspective. I am sure each one of us would be able to do something different which makes us Engineer apart from that degree which proves us Engineer.

This is a  Guest Post by Divya Jain

Is it a mandate to have certified stamped degree to call you an Engineer?
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