THE real FACT —

SITUATION changes, DESTINY as well… AGE changes, ROLE as well…TIME changes, LIFE as well…

This post reminds us how a corporate life of an engineer changes from his college life:

Whenever we ask any Engineer with around 5 years of corporate experience that “What are the things changed in your life compare to your college life”; the most common answer we find is:

Then “Proud to have a single Debit card” Now “Regret to have half a dozen of Credit cards

Funny but true. Other than this popular answer we find some more also

chai sutta beer cigarette
Source 1 & 2

Rush to attend the morning class” has been replaced by “Rush to punch the in-time in office

Friday Late night movie show in hostel room” has been shifted to “Friday late night party in night club

Weekend Cricket Matches” has been replaced by “Weekend Trips

Exam pressure” has been shifted to “Self appraisal pressure

Result pressure” has been replaced by “Promotion pressure

Moving on friend’s bike” has been shifted to “Car pooling

Chai, Sutta and Pan Shop” has been transformed to “Beer, Cigarette and Bar

And Finally…

Life goal has been shifted from “Getting a Job” to “Establishing a Start Up” – RESPECT 😆

If you are a working engineer then you must have realized all these. In comment section write down, in your life which of the above point suits the best. Also highlight other points if you have any which we have missed.

“Chai, Sutta and Pan Shop” has been transformed to “Beer, Cigarette and Bar”
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