For the last few years IIITs are coming up as very good technical institutes and are performing as good as IITs in CSE and ECE field. Previous year we have published Ranking of IIITs in India. This post has been a very engaging post for the whole last year. We have observed students are showing a lot of interest to know the current ranking and status of IIITs. The aspiring students have followed this post very much and asked us their queries. We have cleared their doubts and tried our best to help them taking the right decision.

Now this year we have revisited the current status of all the IIITs (including the new ones) and prepared a new Ranking Table with few changes. We have considered almost all the same parameters which we have considered in the previous post but in a little bit different preference order to rank the IIITs.

Following are the parameters (written with the decreasing order of weightage) considered for preparing the ranking:

  1. Placement
  2. Research
  3. Faculty
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Location
  6. Age
  7. Mentor Institute (For the institutes getting started in 2016 & 2015)

Ranking of IIITs in India 2016:

IIITs Ranking India 2016
Ranking of IIITs in India 2016

Note: Please realize that the grading is relative. A ‘C’ or ‘D’ grade does not mean that very bad. It is just relatively bad than the good IIITs in this list.

The above list shows the ranking of IIITs which started on or before 2014. There are few IIITs which are started on 2015 and 2016. Many of the above measuring parameters can not be applied to them as these institutes are very young to be judged. Still we have just made a ranking based on the reputation of the Mentoring institute [MI] and the location of the institutes.

19. IIIT Dharwad [IIIT Bangalore & Infosys] (2015)

20. IIIT Kurnool [IIITDM Kancheepuram] (2015)

21. IIIT Kottayam [NIT Calicut & IIIT Hyderabad] (2015)

22. IIIT Naya Raipur [IIIT Bangalore] (2015)

23. IIIT Lucknow [IIIT Allahabad] (2015)

24. IIIT Manipur [IIT Guwahati] (2015)

25. IIIT Nagpur [VNIT Nagpur] (2016)

26. IIIT Pune [CoEP pune] (2016)

27. IIIT Ranchi [NIT Jamshedpur] (2016)

Note: This ranking of IIITs has been prepared by the Ignite Engineers team through internal surveys and opinions based on the data available in the internet. No external surveys have been conducted to prepare the same.

Ranking of IIITs in India 2016

4 thoughts on “Ranking of IIITs in India 2016

  • May 18, 2017 at 3:12 pm

    Kindly let me know the dates of Admissions to IIITs for the batch starting 2017.


    • May 18, 2017 at 4:23 pm

      Dear Harjit, most of the IIITs admit students from JEE Mains counseling, only except few. You can check the websites of IIIT Delhi, IIIT Hyderabad, IIIT Bangalore for their admission process.

  • May 24, 2017 at 3:44 pm

    You’ve given IIIT Sonepat the last rank. But it’s classes are held at NIT KKR and placements are also held there. And previous year packages have been pretty good. I’m confused, should I take admission in it or not

    • May 24, 2017 at 5:50 pm

      Dear Kartik,

      Ofcourse IIIT Sonepat is a good institute. The ranking you find over here is only relative to the other existing IIITs only. All the new IIITs are running in their temporary campus (in the mentor NITs). So you will not find any issue with the faculty members and also the placements would be good. So you can take admission to IIIT Sonepat if you are not getting a seat in any of the IIIT ranked from 1 to 10.


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