NIRF (National Institutional Rankings Framework) has prepared a ranking table for the engineering institutes in India. The ranking has listed top 100 engineering institutes based on different evaluation criteria. Following are the 5 parameters considered for the ranking:

  1. Teaching, Learning & Resources (TLR)
  2. Research and Professional Practice (RP)
  3. Graduation Outcomes (GO)
  4. Outreach and Inclusivity (OI)
  5. Perception (PR)

Following are the top to down ranking of IITs listed in the top 100 list with their overall score and parameter wise scores.

Sl. No.Institute NameFinal RankFull ScoreTLR ScoreRPC ScoreGO ScoreOI ScorePR Score
1IIT Madras187.9691.8592.683.7877.1981.46
2IIT Bombay287.8791.1594.6883.6469.784.24
3IIT Kharagpur381.9376.0389.2388.0274.1173.43
4IIT Delhi481.0879.6389.4777.4571.4177.24
5IIT Kanpur576.8384.2877.2874.2961.3573.59
6IIT Roorkee673.172.374.3688.3170.9543.47
7IIT Guwahati772.389.2959.9877.0880.1140.95
8IIT Hyderabad1060.2482.6236.2171.2673.7529.72
9IIT Indore1557.783.7332.7270.7275.6410.64
10IIT Bhubaneswar1854.3279.6628.8763.6976.6913.5
11IIT Patna1954.0274.7827.772.7872.7814.35
12IIT Ropar2152.9378.9227.6362.9776.067.68
13IIT Dhanbad (ISM)2352.5857.1940.1469.4267.4927.52
14IIT Mandi2850.678.9817.9966.7874.267.24
15IIT Gandhinagar3050.4379.7314.4159.2575.9427.54
16IIT BHU, Varanasi3149.9261.2225.3671.6759.0337.11
17IIT Jodhpur6540.268.88.5150.3760.478.9

To get more details about the NIRF ranking of the engineering institutes in India, click here. Few of the IITs which started in the academic year 2015 and 2016 does not have any NIRF ranking. So, they are not listed in the table. Read New IITs and their Rankings to get idea about the new IITs. Hope this ranking compilation would help you to give a fair idea about the IITs.

NIRF IIT Ranking 2017 with Scores

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