Why Engineer Choose Government Jobs?

Government job opportunities are considered as golden chance for most of the Indians. Whatever graduation degree they hold, graduates always show their enthusiasm to get a job in any government sector. Apart from normal graduates and postgraduates, many applications are found from candidates with engineering background for the positions in various government sectors.

Engineering students from middle-class families always consider government job as an ultimate destination and fixed income source which will provide them money throughout their life. Private sector jobs are lucrative and they provide a good amount of salary but it can’t be compared with the stability ans security provided by government jobs.

The pay structure, job security, and benefits are the main reasons that people get attracted towards government jobs. There are various positions in government sectors that are only meant for engineers and demand core engineering background.

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Government Jobs Opportunities for Different Engineering Branches

Government sector enterprises provide various opportunities to engineers as they need engineering background candidates for different exclusive positions. The following list will provide a brief details of job opportunities for various branches:

  • Civil Engineers

Many government job positions require candidates having core engineering degree, and civil engineering is one such degree which has great demand in various public sector companies. Enterprises like PWD (Public Work Department), NHAI, state government sector, town planning offices have requirements for civil engineers who can deal with work like public structure building, maintaining public structures, developing transport network or planning town development.

  • Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers belongs to core background and enterprises like BHEL, BSNL, SAIL, DRDO, Indian Navy, State Electricity Board, Indian Army, Indian Railways, etc are their perfect habitat. In these heavy industries, electrical engineers can show their skills and in return, they are greeted with huge salary package, flexible working hour, pension and various other perks.

  • Chemical Engineers

Chemical engineers are highly valued among some government sector enterprises as their expertise is highly needed in those companies. Chemical engineers can easily apply for jobs in Indian Oil Corporation, ONGC, DRDO, drug organization of government, Fertilizer Corporation of India, HCL (Hindustan Copper Ltd) and various other government sectors depending availability of the position. Every year, PSU sectors provide job opportunities for chemical engineers padded with good salary package.

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  • Mechanical Engineers

The demand for mechanical engineers in government sectors never goes down. In government companies like Indian Air Force, BHEL, Indian Railways, PWD, DRDO etc the requirement is moderate and every year they recruit few fresh engineers. The prospect in this sector is immense and once a candidate gets a position in one of these companies, they won’t have to look back.

  • Petroleum Engineers

The number of vacancies for petroleum engineers is very few and the exams are tough but once a candidate crosses every hurdle, he/she will be flying high in the sky. Benefits, pension, pay structure, job security provided by IOCL, ONGC and various other government owned refineries is unmatchable and these perk lists serve as the main reason that lot of petroleum engineers work hard to get these position.

  • Electronic and Communication Engineers

Like electrical engineers, the demand for electronics and communication engineers is high in government sectors. The number of openings may be less for this department but every year enterprises like DRDO, BSNL, Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force recruits eligible candidates for various job position in their dynasty.

  • Food Technology Engineers

Many people think that food technology engineering doesn’t have much oppertunity in government sector but that perception is wrong as many PSU companies heavily recruit food technology engineers. State Food Organizations, Health Board or Agriculture Board requires new recruits every year because these engineers have proficiency in packaging, processing, food production etc.

  • Agriculture Engineers

The demand factor and popularity factor doesn’t go hand in hand for agriculture engineers but government agencies dealing with agriculture heavily recruit these engineers. The salary, benefits, pension plan, job security, promotion in this job is mind blowing and engineers work very hard to land on a job in this sector.

  • Dairy Technology Engineers

This is very uncommon engineering background and hardly few students go for this engineering course. However, the demand for this engineer among government Dairy Development department is immense although most of the job location is located outside cities.

There are various career opportunities for engineering graduates but the number of government job aspirants with engineering background are increasing every year. One of the important reasons is the growing good salary package for Engineers in government jobs along with job security. And this trend will definitely continue with higher rate.

Government Job Opportunities For Engineers

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