The world is growing technically proficient. Students are trained to make the world technologically advanced and a better performing planet. Now it is the time to rethink our strategy to educate our students in such a way that the ethics would be embedded in their course structure. This would help them to run the world morally, ethically and technically in a balanced way.

Ethics in Engineering Education

Let’s discuss some issues and possible solutions related to ethics in Engineering Education.


There are few occasions where it is found that, plagiarism has been one of the serious issue in engineering field. The duplicity is immensely ugliest thing that human can do. While it kills the intelligence of the person who duplicates the matter, at the same time it also creates a gap between creativity and intelligence. Duplicating one is not only repeating the same thing, it is also sending a message that we are absolutely insensitive towards someone else work. Hence, it is a must prerogative to imbibe ethical standards to protect the intellectual property rights.

The first step must start in the engineering institutes. We must not wait to induce these ethical behaviorism patterns in students after they would finish their studies. It is very difficult to change the behavior of a person as it becomes an unconscious habit of doing certain things in a certain way. The first and foremost thing is to be done is to introduce the ethical standards in the engineering curriculum, so that students can practice them in their college days. This would help them in the later time to follow the same ethics.

Product Design

The second most important factor that calls for an ethical approach is how we design the engineering product. The product design must take the consideration of environment, utility and how it affects the planet. While designing or creating new products, the approach should be more analytical rather than a creative burst that fulfills the individual needs and destroys the collective needs of the society and the world as a whole.

This ethical practice must be understood from a humane point of view. The product design and other ethical factors not only consider the capitalistic view point, but also it should pay utmost attention to the other social and environmental needs that affects our lives immensely.

For these ethics to be practiced and lived to the fullest, we must need a proper frame work where we can start practicing it on a daily basis. The best place to start it is the colleges and universities where students are shaped for their future. Every college and institute must imbibe the ethical practice in their curriculum and must be practiced religiously to get the maximum result. By teaching students the ethical approach towards their career we are also creating a better human who would consider every small thing whatever he or she does in daily life.

This ethical practice is not only a projection of our idea to behave ethically correct, it also shows our potential to extremely careful and sensitive about small things in life that matters the most. Embedding ethical practice in curriculum is an idea that can change the humanity and make us immensely useful towards life and society.

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Embedding Ethics in Engineering Education
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