When we talk about “Being happy everyday no matter what!!!”, the first thought that normally strikes us – ‘Is this possible?’,

My answer is, “yes it is possible!”

Is this easy? – No!

It is possible but challenging only till the time it becomes a habit, becomes a way of Life.

Before we go to the tips, it is very important to understand our own perceptions of ‘Happiness’. Some of the questions that can come to our mind are –

  • Is happiness an emotion?
  • Is it just a state of mind?
  • Is satisfaction and happiness one and the same?
  • Is happiness a result of something?
  • Can it be triggered internally or externally?

The answers can be different for different people and my perception to the above questions are –

Yes, happiness is an emotion and a state of mind. Satisfaction and happiness are different emotions and vibrates at different frequency. Happiness can be a result of something and definitely can be triggered internally and externally!!!


The tips highlighted below will hopefully clarify the above thoughts. Remember, although we are highlighting tips and methods, happiness eventually needs to become a way of Life.

Tips and methods –

1. Right FocusHappiness is a result of the right focus. It is an emotion that gets triggered when we focus on the ‘good’ that we already have in Life. Remember, everyday we can have positive and negative events. As a method everyday spend 10 minutes listing positive events, achievements and happy moments of the day. Writing them is a great idea rather than just thinking haphazardly. This practice will help you extract the best/positive on daily basis no matter how the day has been. The day it becomes a habit, you would have an attitude of being positive and happy.

2. Right Environment Environment would mean the small activities that we do and the people we are associated with. Our mind is normally the average of people with whom we spend more time. So, another way to be happy is to consciously spend time with people who are happy and optimistic. Spending time with cribbers intensifies your chances of becoming a cribber. Can we cut off all negative people in Life? No, as they might be important even if negative and hence it is very important to consciously connect with more people who are positive. Read biographies of people who are positive and that will start bringing a shift.

3. State of body Your body is also a reflection of your mind and a manifestation of the mind. Although, we are talking about happiness as a state of mind, the body is definitely a catalyst or a support. Focus on your body and health. Activities like regular exercise, yoga and pranayam can help. When the physical body feels healthy and light, the energy is great and even opens up energy channels. When this happens, emotions and thoughts are positive. Even if you are suffering from any disease; focus on the good side of the body and here comes a fragment of happiness.

4. Finding Passion “Find your passion” is what we read in most of self help books. We all know that when we find our passion, work in an area of our passion, becoming happy is effortless. Unfortunately, a lot of people who are working are not passionate about their work, they work as it’s a need. In this type of situation, focus only on the positive aspect of the job. This will not only program the mind to feel good and happy, it will also give the mental strength to handle the challenging situations. Also always try to give your work a direction towards your passion. Apart from work it is important to indulge in activities that you are passionate about and these can be anything like music, sports, cooking, painting etc. Most people find the excuse of ‘no time’ to avoid this, but trust me you will have to find time as this becomes the fuel for happiness.

5. External Help How we feel today depends on various factors like what we focus on, our upbringing, our past events – positive, negative, traumatic, etc. Using therapeutic help like Hypnotherapy, healing etc. can be a powerful way of detaching from past traumatic events which in turn can help connect with happiness at a surface and at a core level. Modalities like hypnotherapy etc. works at a subconscious level. And hence can help us achieve the best and help us flow with beautiful emotions like ‘happiness’ rather than freezing and suppressing emotions. When there is help, why not explore and capitalize on it. This options is definitely not mandatory but definitely can accelerate the process.

6. Introspection Improvement in anything requires a change in YOU and your behavior. We can expect the world to change and people to change! However, the best options is to change yourself. To become more and more happy no matter what, you will have to change your behavior, your response, your reaction and your attitude!!! This would require regular introspection else you will keep repeating the wrong patterns as the brain continues to behave the way it has been behaving before!!! To destroy this loop, introspection is a powerful activity as it gives a detached details birds even view. It’s a great idea to introspect daily –

  • What were today’s challenges?
  • How did I respond to them?
  • How did I feel about it?
  • Is there a better response?
  • What will the benefit of the new response be?
  • How should I behave/respond to feel happy?
  • What is my biggest learning?

Now visualize the new behavior and implement it to change the patterns!!! Remember, challenges and problems in Life will keep coming. However, when we change, evolve the way we respond give us empowering results and this becomes a great way of staying happy no matter what!!!

These are just 6 simple steps, powerful enough to help you take a quantum leap in Life.

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Harrish Sairaman is a well-known motivational teacher in India. He is helping many to achieve that which once seemed unachievable like increase motivation, leadership, Corporate Performance, decrease stress etc. through Motivational Training Program, Leadership training programs, Corporate training programs, Entrepreneur Coaching and Individual Coaching to name a few. His ability to deliver life changing, scientifically sound, relevant and metaphysical messages in a powerful, humorous and insightful manner integrated with high energy has earned him a reputation of bringing about a difference with a difference!






6 Tips to Stay Happy Everyday no Matter What

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