Looking for a new job at your office can be tough and can even land you in sudden unpleasant situations. To escape from the unimaginable trauma, it is best to take advantage of technology by downloading the best job search apps of India. You can access the recently updated positions from your phone anytime and anywhere without the fear of getting caught. Plus you can respond to your job mails quickly and easily. Here are five job search apps which must be present in your phone if you are hunting for a job:

1. Naukri

When Naukri website was launched in India, it brought a revolution in the way people searched for jobs. It made searching good and relevant jobs easy and just with some clicks. Now you can enjoy its benefits via its app from your phone itself. Naukri job search app will help you find the most relevant job for you with a simple registration process on your part. Create a unique profile and ensure you update it regularly every morning to attract the attention of recruiters. There are no fees involved here except if you want to avail their premium packages.

Naukri App

2. Monster jobs

Get the best job opportunities with Monster jobs. The app is free to access and works 24×7 so that you don’t miss on taking advantage of any opportunity. With their help, you can build a personalized profile which catches the eyes of recruiters. You can follow recruiters here and keep yourself updated on the latest jobs. From building a job network to saving jobs for applying later, accessing profile insights to remaining updated on the newest hiring trends; you bring yourself steps closer to finding the job of your preference. You can even have a job agent here as per your needs to cut down on the burden of searching for jobs.

Monster Jobs App

3. Linkedin

Linkedin is a powerful professional networking app where you can find a host of job openings by connecting with the right persons in the industry. The key factor here is to fill in your profile completely and provide all the details. Endorsements are given quite a weightage by recruiters, so make sure you have a few good ones. You can even take advantage of the premium plans to get access to the top profiles.

linkedin Job App

4. Simply Hired

Simply hired is another renowned and trusted job search app. Equipped with the largest data base directory over many job categories, you are sure to find your perfect job. Using various filters, you can search for a job as per your preferences and cut down time in searching for job. From setting up job alerts to saving jobs, tracking your job search activity to managing your search activity; you can do tons of things with it to simplify your job search.


5. Glassdoor

Glassdoor which is the most comprehensive career community, gives you access tothe latest job listings as well as research for jobs as per your choice. With Glassdoor, you need not settle for an average job as you can find the best job openings with it. It has a range of features to make the process of your job search easy and comfortable. You can even read reviews of employees here regarding the company and the company environment to decide whether or not to go for a particular job.


This is a Guest Post by Neha Chaudhary

5 Must Have Job Search Apps
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  • September 21, 2017 at 7:31 am

    An another app available in the google play store called “QuikHiring” comes with the new features like video CV, map based search job and share your video profile on social media.


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