“Wishes” play a very important role in life as I have written in one of my earlier post “My Wishes @ #SecondChance“.

This post is a part of the #SecondChance activity at BlogAdda in association with MaxLife Insurance. In the post “My Wishes @ #SecondChance“, I have already expressed my wishes which I want to fulfil at my personal level. But in this post I want to express my long visioned wishes which I would love to see to be reflected in the society.



Every country needs a better governance for its development. And for a particular time period a single Political Party takes the responsibility of the country. For India the serving period (misinterpreted as ruling period) is 5 years. In every 5 years, a single party comes up with major number of votes in an election and forms the government. The misery now a days is, political parties are eager to form government but are not willing to serve the people of the nation. But they need to realize our country is a democratic country. No service no vote!

Wish for Political Change: I wish, all political parties to work for the people and the society, even before being elected. Otherwise citizens of the country might not give you a chance to work tomorrow.



In many hospitals it is required to fill up many forms before starting the treatment of the patient. This is a part of the procedure for admitting a patient in a hospital for his/her treatment.

Wish for Health Care: I wish, all the hospitals to start the treatment of the patient before filling up the forms which come under their admission formalities. Because the doctor might not get a chance to save the life of the patient if it would be too late.




We all should be grateful to our mother earth for providing us place to live, food to eat, water to drink and air to breath. World is beautiful with green trees, blue oceans, white ice-lands, clean air and plenty of natural resources.

Wish for Citizen Responsibility: I wish, citizens of the world to effectively use the natural resources available and not to waste them, because you never know whether your kids would get a chance to use them or not.

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