Family Travel Trip [Source:]
Family Travel Trip [Source:]

My father was a bank employee before his retirement. I remember during my schooldays, his bank was offering LTA (Leave Travel Allowance) and LTC (Leave Travel Concession) for family trip once in four years. So, we used to wait eagerly for this rare occasion of a grand travel. In one occasion we planned a fantastic trip to cover up different places of Odisha under this LTA/LTC scheme. All our plannings were done before 3 months of the actual trip. I was very much excited about the travel plans. But unfortunately just before one week of the trip, Papa’s leave grant was cancelled for some official duty purpose. Papa could not reschedule the plan as the LTA/LTC wes getting lapsed after the actual plan period. After knowing this I did not eat for one day and did not talk with Papa for two days  😳 .

This is how a kid reacts when he/she is informed that their travel plan is cancelled. And the reaction is valid for the following reason:

“The vacations we take our children on are different in a very special way – Kids see vacations very differently from adults! Their expectations, their curiosity, and the way they see things creates a unique experience on every vacation.”     — #TravelWithKids

Traveling is always fun. Trips are meant to enjoy and relax. The best part of traveling is that it teaches a lot through experiences. Learning through experiences are always lifelong learning which we do not learn by force but automatically. What can be a better option to spend the vacation with a trip which not only entertain our kids but also help them gaining some valuable knowledge!!

Following are some of the different TRAVEL PLANS which can return BEST to our kids. Though a single travel package can not cover up all at a time. But all these types of tours should be planned in different occasions.

1. Trekking Expeditions and Camp Tours

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Trekking and Camp tours are very much happening, eventful, adventurous and full of activities. In trekking you not only enjoy but also you have to stretch yourself a bit. Parents should plan to take their kids to treks. Though trips like trekking do not include much of luxury but it helps you learn a lot. In camps you have to do your work by your own and you learn time management also.  And trekking expeditions are mostly arranged in the lap of nature, so you get a chance to observe the beauty of the nature very closely. Different types of trekking programs are: Wildlife tours, Mountain trekking, Desert Camping, Forest Safari tours, Sea-beach trekking, Mountain Biking etc.

Note: Trekking Expeditions which include extensive physical labor should be avoided when you are going with kids.

2. Historical Monuments and Cultural Tours

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Historical Monuments tell us many stories. Cultural tours take us to the local people of the place and their culture, temples and religion, fair and festival. These types of tours help our kids to understand our county’s past and present in a better way. We get a chance to meet local people, observe their life style, taste local foods and learn their culture and language. Children in school age really love these type of trips.

3. Science Parks, Planetarium, Art Gallery and Museum Visit

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Visiting to Science Park, Planetarium, Art Gallery and Museum brings direct impact to the learning level of the children. They realize and remember information more quickly from these places rather than reading those information from books. Along with learning, they enjoy these places and observe everything with lot of interest.

4. Yoga Camps

Yoga Camps [Source: ]
Yoga Camps [Source: Theguardian]

Last but not the least, parents should take their children to yoga camps sometime. There they will learn about how to take care about health. Yoga and exercises are very much needed in life to be healthy. But we generally ignore these with laziness. In Yoga Camps we get to know the importance of Yoga and also learn different Yoga techniques along with their advantages and rules.

Take your kids to amusement parks sometime during a year. Amusement parks are full of adventurous games with artificial sea-beach and all. Children would definitely love to participate in the adventurous activities available there.

This post is a contribution towards #TravelWithKids campaign initiated by ClubMahindra. The campaign is supported by Indiblogger, an Indian blogging community. The campaign encourages kids to share the most amazing travel stories ever. Have a nice time spending a vacation with your kids with an exciting travel package. Choose anyone among the plans mentioned above and encourage your kids to share there amazing travel stories at this platform.

Travel Always Brings Plenty of Experiences
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