After the social media evolution, the Viral Content Publishing has become an emerging business model. Starting such an online business needs less capital and less man power. For last half-a-decade, in India it has been seen that young people are using the power of internet and becoming successful entrepreneurs through viral content publishing websites. Of-Course all the content sharing sites are not for entertainment and business purpose; some of them also work for social causes. Let’s check for such 10 most successful content sharing websites in India of the last decade.

1. The Logical Indian ➡ Click

The Logical Indian focuses on bringing to its readers social issues that often miss the limelight in the traditional media. According to The Logical Indian:

Is desh ka bahut kuch ho sakta hai [Source]


Man Behind the Website: Abhishek Mazumdar

Website Starting Year: Late 2013

2. ScoopWhoop ➡ Click

We knew that a lot of Indians were consuming this kind of content. But we also realized that most of the content coming from these sites were very global/American in nature. We felt there was an opportunity here for Indian content, in the same format. And that is when we started ScoopWhoop as a side project in August last year. We still had our day jobs and post office hours, we used to work on SW. [Source]


Force Behind the Website: Rishi Mukherjee, Saransh Singh, Sattvik Mishra, Suparn Pandey, Sriparna Tikekar

Website Starting Year: Late 2013

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3. YourStory Click

She started YourStory as a therapy for her own soul in 2008 and has lived, dreamt, learnt and re-learnt through stories that entrepreneurs have so passionately shared with her in the last half a decade. [Source]

Your Story

Lady Behind the Website: Shradha Sharma

Website Starting Year: 2008

4. TVF Qtiyapa Click

This college Qtiyapa(The TVF) is a show I had conceived for MTV. That show also got rejected after a lot of resources went into it. That was one of the best rejections in my life, else we wouldn’t have Qtiyapa with us… [Source]

TVF Qtiyapa

Man Behind the Website: Arunabh Kumar

Website Starting Year: 2010

5. All India Bakchod (AIB) Click

 Sex, politics, religion and tons more. We do stand up, sketch on stage, along with podcasts and a radio show, and now YouTube videos too. We literally do comedy every day of the week. So we get bored easily. Which is why the channel also has a bunch of really random ideas on it and all of next year we will just experiment with whatever we feel like. [Source]


Force Behind the Website: Gursimran Khamba, Tanmay Bhat, Rohan Joshi and Ashish Shakiya

Website Starting Year: 2012

6. Storypick Click

At StoryPick, we strongly believe that stories are powerful and that it can be used to inspire, thrill, entertain and educate. So we craft and handpick beautiful stories relevant to the Indian audience. We are the storytellers. [Source]


Force Behind the Website: Tonmoy Goswami and Sangeeta Sarma

Website Starting Year: Late 2013

7. MensXP Click

India’s first men’s lifestyle portal, MensXP addresses the real life needs of Indian men in a practical, useful & entertaining way. [Source]


Man Behind the Website: Angad Bhatia

Website Starting Year: 2007

Note: Times Internet has acquired MensXP in 2012

8. Youth Ki Awaaz Click

It’s always been difficult for me to write about my journey with Youth Ki Awaaz other than the fact that it has been one of the best decisions I ever made. What matters the most, is not the journey but the biggest learning that I have had, and that for me has been learning the true power of personal discourse. [Source]


Man Behind the Website: Anshul Tewari

Website Starting Year: 2008

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9. The Frustrated Indian Click

1. If you are a Sexist – This is not the page for you
2. If you love your religion and hate all others – This is not the page for you
3. If you love your place/state and hate all others – This is not the page for you
4. If you are “only” looking for some random funny stuff – This is not the page for you
5. If you are one of those who use expletives to sound cool – This is not the page for you

The Frustrated Indian

Man Behind the Website: Atul Kumar Mishra

Website Starting Year: 2012

10. Youngisthan Click

We understand that the power of youth can be utilized in constructive and developmental activities around the globe. Youngisthan acknowledges the problems of the youth and is committed to providing practical solutions with scanned information to help the young population reach their goals. [Source]


Man Behind the Website: Prashant Didwaniya

Website Starting Year: 2013

Note: This list has been prepared and ranking has been given by the Ignite Engineers team through internal surveys and opinions based on the data available in the internet. No external surveys have been conducted to prepare the same. Ranks from 1 – 10 has been assigned based on the social media popularity (Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Youtube) and the type of content the website has.

Top 10 Successful Content Sharing Websites in India
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