Life teaches a lot with time. Sometime it brings sorrow, sometime it returns joy, sometime it encourages to dream and sometime it forces to struggle. No matter how much you have to struggle in achieving your dream, being optimistic through out the journey would lead to the “Pursuit of Happiness” one-day. This post is written to promote the Look Up Stories activity initiated by in association with Indiblogger, an Indian blogging community.

When I started thinking about to write on “A story around a moment that filled me with optimism and hope for the future.“, I could not think different from the incident which I am going to narrate over here.


To write this story I have to roll back my memory to 15 years back when I was in my class 12. That was the time when I was struggling with everything. I was finding myself difficult in managing my study properly and handling the upcoming IIT JEE pressure. I was afraid of not meeting the exceptions of my parents. I was very much down at my moral and confidence level. The sweet dreams, which were made one-day for me was killing me every moment.

I remember, many times I missed my classes at that time. I was not in a situation to resist the fellow student’s competition. I had just lost my rhythm and was not able to face the exam and expectation pressure. Gradually I started facing the problem of not able to remember anything. The instability was so intense within me, that I got confused whether I had written my correct enrollment number in  my Chemistry exam paper or not. I used to go to the near by temple to pray God twice a day with the superstition that God would save me, though I knew very well “it would not be the case”. But with a small ray of hope, I made it my daily morning routine to be the first one to ring the temple bell before anyone do.

Everyday evening I used to go to the nearby market to buy a milk packet for the home. I was loving that evening walk the most during those days. During the evening walk, I was finding some time to spend with myself, observing the world living in its own way, staying away from those breathless exam pressure.

On that day I reached the market and was looking for the person from whom, I used to buy the milk packet. He was not there. I asked the nearby shop-keeper about the guy. He replied that he was not well on that day so had not come.

I asked, “Do you know any one else who sells milk nearby?

He answered, “Go to the back side of my shop, you would find a school going kid must be selling milk packets.

I bought the milk packet and asked for his name.

He replied with a smile, “Sundar”

I: Don’t you go to school?

Sundar: Yes sir. I am in 8th standard in the district government school.

The reply was something interesting which I was not expecting.

I: Don’t you play in the evening?

Sundar: Not now a days sir. I have to sell milk packets in the evening to earn money for my home and little expenditure for my study.

I: Why? Don’t your father earn money.

Sundar: He is not alive. My mother is not well. So, I have to work to look after her.

I: Oh! How much are you earning in a day?

Sundar: 100 rupees in a day.

I: You are earning for home and also studying. Don’t you find it difficult in managing both?

Sundar: It is difficult. But managing both makes me more responsible. It gives me belief on myself and at the same time hope for leading a successful life in my future. I am not very good at study. But I love to study as it educate me, it helps me understand the life in a better sense, it makes me a better human everyday.

I smiled and replied “Nice thought”. I started walking away from Sunder. After ten steps I looked back at him. He was busy with two more customers, with the same optimistic attitude and with the same graceful smile on his face.

I started walking once again. While entering the home I told myself “Thank you Sunder“.

Next day morning I woke up after the temple bell rang.

Optimism!!! Never lets you Down in Life…
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