It was Holi vacation time. I had a well planned week long holidays ahead. I had booked my air ticket well before 3 months of the journey date. I checked the Flight Schedule. The scheduled departure time of my flight was 7:00 pm in the evening. It was a packed day in office. I had to finish up every thing quickly. After everything done in office, I took the half day leave and rushed back to home for my luggage. By the time I started from home It was 4:45 pm in the evening and I had to reach the Airport by 6:00 pm anyhow, as the last check-in time was 6:15 pm.

Delhi evening traffic that to before vacation, made my journey to the Airport worse than hell. Cab was running slow, I was getting impatient but my watch was running very fast. I lost all the hope of catching the flight when my wrist watch indicated 6:00 pm. The cab driver was putting his best to reach the airport as soon as possible. At exact 6:10 pm we finally reached the destination. I jumped out of the cab and started running towards the entrance gate.

I noticed the display board showing the flight departure schedule.

Indigo 6E-341: Delhi to Bhubaneswar: Delayed 3 hours”

I cross checked it thrice. Then sat down on a chair. The reason of delay was “unavailability of runway because of increased number of flights due to Holi vacation”. I was almost breathless to catch the flight and the flight is 3 hours late. Why don’t these idiot airlines inform the same well before time? I cross checked my mobile. Found an unseen message. The delay message was received just before 30 minutes. I wish it would have been received 2 hours before!

Running to catch the Flight
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I took my boarding pass and completed the security check in. The whole airport was busy, I was getting bored and my watch was running very slow. I took out my laptop and started watching a movie. Could not watch it for more than an hour, so shut it down. Ordered a burger and had my snacks. It was around 8:00 pm, I found someone known sitting at the other end of the waiting hall. I surprisingly rushed to him.

Pranay was working as an cafe boy in our office canteen. I did not know much about him other than “he was from my state” and “he had a dream to be an actor”. He had completed the weekend theater class from Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts, Delhi and trying to give a chance to his acting career.

Me – Pranay!

Pranay – Sir! Good evening!

Me – Very good evening. Are you going to home?

Pranay – No sir, I am going to Cuttack.

Me – Any relative in Cuttack?

Pranay – No, going to the Cuttack medical. My mother is admitted there. She faced an accident today. Condition is critical. One of my friend booked the flight ticket for me. I rushed to the airport. My bad luck, flight is late.

I was shocked by the news. Pranay was very calm and quite.

Me – Which flight?

Pranay – The Air India one, which was about to depart at 6:30 pm but now it would depart at 9:30 pm.

I ordered 2 Coke and sat near to him. 10 minutes of silence.

Me – What about your acting life?

Pranay – Nothing much. Got a waiter role in one of the serial recently (2 minutes appearance). 2 more small roles, one for 3 minutes and another 1 minute along with this waiter role in the whole last year. 3 minutes role was for a theater act.

Me – How do you manage all these?

Pranay – Day time office canteen and evening time searching for an acting role here and there. There is a crunch of money but by god grace every thing getting managed.

Me – How many times have you approached different directors?

Pranay – I have not remembered. But must be more than 100 times in last 2 years. At least 4 to 5 times to each one whom I know.

Me – Do you feel like there is any chance!

Pranay – Why not sir. This is the beginning only. Till the time I would not get a break, I would try.

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Me – How can you believe so strongly?

Pranay – Sir! Nothing is impossible if you would keep on trying. Result may come late but it would come definitely. I approached a director 5 times in last one week. As a result, tonight I had an audition for a supporting actor in a short movie. The role would be for around 12 minutes. This could have been a nice break through for me. But my bad luck!

Me -Would they wait for you.

Pranay – No

Me – You are losing the chance of your first break through. You have been trying for last 2 years. And when the opportunity was knocking your door, you are forced to lose that. How the god can be so rude with someone!

Pranay – Sir, It’s learning of life. It makes me stronger to face more difficulties in life. You would see a day would come when i would live my dream.

Me – What would you do after coming back?

Pranay – I would keep trying!

“It’s the last call for the Air India flight AI-473 from Delhi to Bhubaneswar”

Pranay was walking away, leaving behind a lot of fundamentals of life. I was lifting my luggage to move towards the gate number 16.

I reached Bhubaneswar at 11:50 pm. Bhai asked me “how was the journey”?

I looked at him, smiled and told “This Journey Actually Worth a lot to ME”…

That Journey Actually Worth a lot to ME
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