It was a Sunday…

I just reached near the gate.

Guard stopped me. I showed him an appointment letter. He allowed me to get into the campus. Poor guy! Could not notice the appointment was for Monday.

Actually he was not poor, rather I was. I was feeling lonely and nostalgic. No one is here. All are busy in their life, even I am also. But on that Sunday I was lonely.

I called him. He came to me. We started climbing the stairs.

He told me ” Sir, let’s use the lift.”
I smiled and said “No”

He opened the lock of the door to the roof. I went to the edge of the roof. Looked towards “Sachin”. He smiled and asked “What happened”.

It was a Sunday...

I told to Sachin, we are standing at the edge of the roof of 6th floor of hostel building. Look around…

“Those days are gone. My Engineering days are gone. Look to that Lecture building, where we were bunking classes everyday. The play ground still reminds me the evening cricket matches. The canteen has still the broken windows. The garden smells exactly same as it was before twelve years. Director’s building has the same lush greenery. The library building, the lab buildings, the tennis court, the cafeteria, the rock garden… nothing has changed man. Everything looks same as my engineering days.”

“But something has changed.”
Sachin looked towards me to know what is that “Something”.

“People has changed Sachin. Can’t find much known faces. My friends are not here. Those happy days are no where. Bunking classes, Sitting in Rock garden, Late night movies, Group study, Fest activities… everything lost… Everyone is very busy in their life… Even I am… Today I am lonely… Tomorrow someone else would be… But the old togetherness would be in the dreams of past memories only…”

It started raining. Sachin ran to the staircase. I was still standing with the memories…

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It was a Sunday…
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