Shaastra-2018 – is the annual technical festival of the IIT Madras, Chennai, India. With an annual footfall of more than 40,000 visitors and participants, Shaastra is one of the biggest inter-college fests in Asia. It is the only student managed event in the world and the first ever festival to be ISO certified. Shaastra returns in its 19th edition, bringing with it an enriching experience of innovation, competition and learning!

Mark the four days from January 4th to January 7th on your calendars, as Shaastra will keep you engrossed in a plethora of professional shows, competitions, lectures and workshops that have a lot to offer to everybody.

Shaastra 3018

The theme of Shaastra for this year is ‘Shaastra 3018’, with which Shaastra aims to start preparing now for a better future, and also take a look at what technologies will we see in the future.

The future never goes as planned. It keeps throwing challenges, it comes with its own darkness. All that matters is how we decide to come out of it, how we decide to build the future of our own liking.

Shaastra celebrates Future and it’s infinite possibilities with its theme this year. With the Green Energy Summit, the Carbon Zero Challenge, the AI workshop and a lot more events, Shaastra is working towards a better and a brighter future.

Watch Shaastra 2018 theme video here


Events are the bread and butter of Shaastra. From their humble beginnings in 2000, this part of Shaastra has come a long way. Shaastra 2018 will be home to 60+ events that cut across diverse field.

The events at Shaastra fall under the following categories:

  1. Aerofest
  2. B-events
  3. Coding events
  4. Design & Build
  5. Elecfest
  6. Involve & Quizzing
  7. Research events


Shaastra 2018 returns with numerous workshops many more than ever before. Here are some of the workshops during Shaastra 2018:

  1. AWS Drone delivery challenge – workshop
  2. Finance (360)
  3.  Coding
  4. Graphic design
  5. Electrical
  6. Mechanical
  7. Robotics
  8. Software
  9. Structural Stability

Spotlight Lecture Series

Shaastra Spotlight brings to you some of the visionaries of the world who will be sharing their wisdom through their talks at IIT Madras. Check out the lectures list here.

Pro Shows

Envisage 6.0:

A huge arm with a strip of LEDs, managing 2^24 (yes, that’s more than 1 followed by seven zeroes) colors, creating visual wonders. A cylindrical curtain of water telling you a pictographic story. A robot painting portraits in a few blinks of the eye. A band of invisible instruments creating music out of thin air. A myriad laser beams sketching a story. Spatial augmented reality using holographic projections. Sounds like rocket science? Well, witness our own college students putting on a show of international quality. Witness something incredibly rare and see the technology of the future in action in front of you presented as an art form. What started 5 years ago as an innocent novel idea, an attempt to present technology in a way that everyone could appreciate has blossomed into one of our flagship annual shows. Be there at SAC on 05.01.2018 to witness this marvelous fusion of art and technology.

EDM night:

This Shaastra, gear up to dance to the beats of violinist and DJ extraordinaire, Mariana BO . Ranked #14 ​in the top 100 Djanemag and #84 in the top 100 DJ mag of 2017. She is all set to give an electrifying performance on 6th January, 2018 at Open Air Theatre (OAT), IIT Madras. Don’t miss out on the chance to catch her live!

Supporting her is DJ Get Massive, India’s number 1 Trance DJ/Artist. Having previously performed in VH1 Supersonic among other festivals, he is here to pump you up with his music! Opening for them, our very own talent, Broken Symmetry.

And guess what, it’s free for all! Get your passes here.

Tech Magic Show:

Shaastra presents to you Suhani Shah, ​ India’s Best Tech Magician. Suhani’s performances provide a bundle of entertainment through grand illusions, mentalism acts, levitations, visual effects, blindfold presentations, situational comedy and audience participation. All blended with loads of masti in absolute Suhani style.

Green Energy Summit

Shaastra 2018 proudly presents the Green Energy Summit. This year, Shaastra Summit ventures into the field of Green Energy. The Green Energy Summit intends to motivate students to identify avenues that have a potential for green energy solutions and then explore their ideas. It is a platform for discussion and debate on various aspects of Green Energy. The Summit aims to engage conscientious individuals in useful dialogue with experts in the field. Through unconventional lectures and discussions, and interactive workshops, the Green Energy Summit promises to be a journey of unparalleled learning and insights.

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