Amalthea – 2015, the annual technical festival organized by IIT Gabdhinagar, will be held on 24th and 25th October. With the tag line “Prosperity through Technology”, Amalthea ’15 is going to be a real technical extravaganza. Main attraction of Amalthea ’15 is the Conclave going to be organized. With the theme “Building a sustainable future through vision and technology” the Conclave aims to bridge the gap between the corporate and academic world. The conclave will mainly focus on different aspects of innovation and research with special emphasis on different stages in the cycle of design and innovation.

IIT Gandhinagar Amalthea'15

There would be an Exhibition on “Energy & Ecofriendly Technologies“, MITTI COOL:

Mitticool is a natural refrigerator made entirely from clay to store the vegetables and fruits and also for cooling water. It provides naturally coolness to the stored material without requiring any electricity or any other artificial form of energy.

Here is the list of events that will be held during the fest.


In Quizzed: The Battle of Wits…

TechKnow Quest: Online Treasure Hunt

D’Code: Online Coding Event

Quiz-O-Tech: Interschool Quiz Competition

Innovent: inspire -> invent -> innovate

Seismism: Get ready to feel the Shake


Amalthea SCMU: Cube Open







Information Brochure of Amalthea’14:

Android APP on Google Play:

So, what are you waiting for? Go and register yourself for mega events of Amalthea’15.

IIT Gandhinagar – Technical Fest – Amalthea – 2015
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