“I can’t do this”. This statement follows me from the very morning when I don’t getup early. This also follows me when I skip my breakfast and still enter the class room late. This shows its existence when I ignore solving the harder problem in my math class. It is still there when I don’t take part in dancing competition in my school. I can see this again when I compete with my friend in a cycle race and quits when he runs far ahead than me. It is all around there when I decide not to write for IIT JEE this time, not able to maintain my relationship not able to get the pride smile because of me on my parents face. And the problem ends up with the statement “I Quit” or “I can’t do this”.

I can't do this.. What can you do then!!
I can’t do this.. What can you do then!!

If you can’t do this.. What can you do then!! This was the statement made by  Paul Smith, an American typewriter artist. 

Paul suffered from severe spastic cerebral palsy from an early age. The loss of fine motor control of his face and hands made it impossible for him to attend school or even eat, clothe, or bathe himself and also to express himself. So, he discovered an unique method to express himself. He created beautiful pictures expressing his thoughts and experiences by typing the different special characters of the typewriter. He was using one hand to make the other hand steady and then pressing the desired key. ONE KEYSTROKE AT A TIME could be translated to alluring pictures which proved the truth I CAN DO THIS.

It’s a lie to think that you are not good enough, it’s a lie to think that you are not worth anything. These are the words of Nicholas James Vujicic, an Australian motivational speaker born with no limbs.

He is a man of no arms, no legs and no worries. He says he has no legs and no arms but he is thankful that he has a little chicken drumstick 😆 . At the child age Vujicic has gone through severe mental and emotional depression but gradually he started getting thankful for what he had rather than regretting for what he did not have. This attitude built up the energy inside him to believe on I CAN DO THIS and eventually at the age of seventeen, he started his own non profitable organization “Life without Limbs“.

“I can’t do this” – if this would have been the statement of these six limbs of these two amazing persons, then probably many of the eyes would not have been drenched with tears while watching their performance.

This beautiful Ballet dance performance has been presented by Ma Li and Zhai Xiaowei which could draw all the emotional attention of the audiences and could able to ignite the stage. This dance performance itself explains that YES, I CAN DO THIS.

I can’t do this.. What can you do then!!
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