“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”  –Buddha

Lock which worked as a key for me to realize the importance of Truth
Lock :: Worked as a key for me to realize the importance of the Truth : Source

This is a scribbled experience story from my engineering student life. I was admitted to National Institute of Science & Technology, Berhampur, one of the best engineering college in Odisha. For the first time in my life I was staying by my own, away home. No body was there to guide me about which was wrong and which was right. I had been allotted room number B-212 on the second floor of the hostel building.

The lock which I took from my home was not working properly and I was adjusting with the same anyhow. Few a times I planed to buy a new lock but then ignored the requirement to save money. Interesting to mention here, that was the period when I was getting pocket money for the first time in my life and was not in a mood to spend those.

One day while I was locking my door before starting for the college, the key was stuck inside the lock and I was unable to give a full rotation to the key 😈 . After many trials in terms of left-right movement of the key, luckily I managed to lock the door. During the process I killed around 10 minutes of time. I ran out of the hostel building with all energy but the institute bus has already left the hostel campus. It was the first time I missed the college bus during my first 15 days stay in hostel. My college was 15 km away from the main city and the hostel was inside the city. I had to catch a private bus to reach my college and to be honest the journey was horrible. I missed the morning practical class  😕 . This time I thought, I have to buy a new lock on the next weekend.

On the next Sunday morning I went to the near by hardware shop to buy a new lock. It was a small shop and a gray haired gentleman was dealing with another two customers. I asked him “Uncleji, I need a LOCK“. He showed me 3 varieties of locks having different price tag. I selected the cheapest one having the price tag written Rs. 36/-. I gave him a 50 rupees note. He was still busy negotiating an item with the other two customers. He took the note from my hand and put that in the cash drawer. I was waiting for the return amount and investigating the functionality of the lock during the moment. After five minutes I asked “Uncleji, return me the rest amount, I have to leave”. He handed me Rs. 64/- instead of Rs. 14/-. Probably he misinterpreted that I had given him Rs. 100/- during his discussion with the other two. I took the money from his hand, thought for a while and then left the shop. I was happy that I got the new lock and also earned Rs. 14/- more 😀 .

I came back to hostel, took my bath and had my lunch. Then I went to the bed to take rest. Suddenly the morning incident came to my mind. At the same time a sentence from my father intersected my simple thoughts “Don’t ever cheat anyone in your life. The weight of the sin of cheating is very heavy. You won’t be able to bear that“. I started feeling uneasy inside my belly. Cursed myself 100 times for what I did. Got up from the bed, took the lock along with the Rs. 64/- and ran to the shop. The shop was closed at that time as it was after noon 3:00 pm. I waited on the shop verandah. Uncleji came around 4:30 pm and asked me “What happened? Is there any problem in the lock?“.

I replied to him with a “SORRY” 🙁 . Then explained him everything and returned back the 50 rupees note to his hand. He padded my back with a smile; put a 2 rupee coin in my hand, and told “This is your reward for having the courage to express the truth“. I was very happy not for the reward but for the easiness I was feeling at that moment  🙂 !!!

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” –― Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

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Honesty… Ought To Be… Even If Not Demanded!!!
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