MindSpark is the national level technical festival of College of Engineering , Pune. Eleven years ago spark was ignited among a group of bright engineers and since then, this spark has grown manifold, continuing to ignite minds across the nation. MindSpark is now one of the biggest technical festivals in the country, providing young engineers to think ,innovate and showcase their talents.

MindSpark – 2017, the technical festival of COEP Pune is going to be held from 22nd to 24th September.

Here is the list of EVENTS that will be held during the fest.

  • STRUCTURA (Civil) : Epitome, Conquest, Metropolis, ID Civil
  • DYNAMUS( MECH / Prod) : Assemblix, ID 2D, ID 3D, Mechtrix, Turnament
  • SILICUS (COMP/IT) : Code  Junkie, Code  Junkie++,  Xterminate, Retracer
  • VOLTUS(Elec/ EnTC/ Instru): Circuit fixer , Encrypto, MicroApps
  • SUBSTANTIA( Chem/ Meta): On the Etch, Dexter’s  Lab
  • ACCELERO (Multidisciplinay): Wheelomation, The Wright Turn_Glider, The Wright Turn_RC Plane,  Aqualympics, Contraption
  • IDEAM (Paper Presentations): Byldan, PPT Comp/IT , PPT  Mech/Prod/Meta,  PPT  ENI , PPT Civil
  • ROBUSTUS (Robotics): Search N’ Destroy, Robowars , Dog Fight, Bot Wrestling, Virtual Robotics
  • FASCINUS (Non Technical): The Amazing Race, Bull Run, Bidzkreig 1, Bidzkreig 2, LAN Slam, Flash
  • ILLUMINATI (Quizzes) : Chakravyuh, IndiKya , Torquest
  • PRODIGIUM : Sudoku, Googler
  • COGNITIO (Workshops): HAM, TUX, Stareway To Heaven, CNC Lathe, Virtual Labs

Hackathon: This year Mindspark presents  version 2.0 of Pune’s very own student organized Hackathon. If you think  you have it in you to beat the odds and come up with the ingenious solutions round the clock, to showcase your talent for 24 hours and emerge a champion , then come , code , plan,manipulate  and  win!

Technical Exhibition: MindSpark brings  to you pilot edition  of technical exhibition, showcasing  fresh talent and resourceful engineering. The three days of MindSpark will witness wide array of start ups, that will display their ideas and  innovations.

Predict –X: Do you have what it takes to create artificial intelligence, challenge dumps of data and create meaning out of it? The field of data science is evolving into one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand fields in the world. Predict-X will test your ability to understand data, analyze it, and build predictive models and execute Sentiment Analysis. We challenge you to solve real world problems with all your data science skills.

IndiKya: Indikya, the National level India quiz, is the most recent addition to Mindspark. It will test the true patriot in you as the questions in the quiz will be based on everything related to India be it sports, history, politics or even geography! The event will be conducted in 6 cities (excluding Pune) with winner from each city round will be invited to Pune where they will be up against 6 teams selected from the city round held in Pune for 6 berths in the Final.

Bidzkrieg II: This event will test the analytical skills to test and select 11 players to create your football team. A limited sum of virtual money will be allotted to each team for placing bids. Each player up for bid will be attributed with specific points and a fixed base price. Players up for auction will be from current leagues of England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands and Portugal.

Retracer: Retracer is an event that tests participants’ ability to find out the hidden logic behind apparently disconnected entities. This event allows the participants to make the full use of their thinking capabilities to get to the results quickly yet carefully. It is an event for those who go beyond the traditional approach of identifying 4 as   2 + 2, 3+1, 4+0, and so on.

PAAKHI – a social initiative of MindSpark: Since  its inception  in  2015, PAAKHI has  aimed to make women  realize  their  true  potential, spread their wings and soar high. Through  PAAKHI, MindSpark  aspires to empower women by giving  them  tools  to  develop  their passion  and  talent, thus enabling them to sustain their families  and help society grow.

Keynote  Lecturers:  The keynote lecture series is one of the most coveted  features of MindSpark. Several prominent personalities  from different disciplines  have been instrumental  in inspiring young minds  through their keynote lectures. Some of our previous keynote lecturers are :

  • P. Chidambaram, Ex- Finance Minister
  • Christopher Benninger
  • Dr. K. Radhakrishnan
  • Mr. Prithviraj Chavan
  • Mathieu Weiss

Technical Workshops :

In house workshops:

  • Ethical hacking
  • Hovercraft
  • Android App development
  • Fantastic four
  • 3D game designing and virtual reality
  • Creo Workshop
  • Advanced IoT
  • Hello- to- Hired

Outreach workshops:

  • Ethical hacking – Aurangabad
  • Fantastic Four –  Kolhapur
  • Pradnya Robotics Workshop – Amravati
  • RC Nitro Car- Nanded
  • Multi- touch and gesture computing –  BATU

Enjoy the MindSpark’17 Promo in the following video.


Website: http://mind-spark.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coepmindspark

Twitter: https://twitter.com/COEPMindSpark

COEP Pune – Technical Fest – MindSpark – 2017
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