Invictus 2018, the technical fests at CSI-DTU is going to be held from 12 – 14th February 2018. Following are the two major attractions of the fest.

Neuvo Gengo

CSI-DTU, in association with Invictus, the annual technological fest of Delhi Technological University (DTU) presents Neuvo Gengo. Neuvo gengo is a challenging coding event wherein the participant’s ability and speed to get acquainted with programming languages is tested. Participants will be given a problem to solve, in a language that will be specified 15 minutes prior to the event. One who is acquainted with majority of languages, like C++, python, Java, JavaScript etc. will clearly get an edge over the others.

So how it’s going to go down in Neuvo Gengo is:

First is a preliminary round, an onsite/offline programming quiz on  12th Feb, from 10 AM till 4 PM, that will test your knowledge of basic programming concepts like variables, pre-processors, compilers, arrays… you get the drift? This is to check your preparation for what’s coming up!

Top 10 students from prelimiary round qualify for the finals where the real challenge lies. You’re up against an entirely new language that you might not even have heard the name of! You are free to look up internet for it’s documentation throughout the course of finals, which happens to be 2 hours.

Mind you, a lot of coders aren’t able to adapt and adjust so fast, can you?We invite you to brush up your coding skills, take part in this event and claim exciting cash prizes!

Facebook event for Neuvo Gengo for more details:


Are you a sudoku champ? Are you a pro coder? What if we give you the opportunity to be both at the same time? But it won’t be easy! CSI-DTU, in association with Invictus, the annual technological fest of Delhi Technological University (DTU) presents SudoCode.

Get ready to experience a whole lot of mind-bending and creative games, that inculcate both coding as well as puzzles. We are giving a unique twist to our age-old favourite puzzle, Sudoku! Here, you can analyse both your coding and sudoku-solving skills!!! It’s about speed and coordination. Are you prepared? Come on down on 12th Feb for the preliminary round, anytime between 10 AM and 4 PM.

SudoCode is a sudoku of code, get it? Must sound interesting now!

You’re given an empty sudoku grid and 9 code snippets. Find outputs of each snippet and fill all the rows of sudoku. Once that is done, you just have to solve the sudoku! As simple as it gets, right?

So, don your thinking caps and get ready to be bewildered!

Sudo code is going to be an onsite 1 hour long competition. You can register for this event individually or in groups of 2, so hurry up and invite your friends!

Facebook event for SudoCode for more details:

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Attractions of Invictus 2018 (CSI-DTU Techfest)
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